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Discover those who have attended and graduated from recruit classes at the State Patrol Academy with their WSP numbers, by class

Over the past couple years, there has been much discussion about the availability of the “Badge Number” or “WSP Number” issued as people graduate from a recruit class. There has been concern over the number issued, the person it was issued to, why some people show no number and others show more than one number issued. This disagreement can go on forever.

Part of the confusion comes from the intent and use of the WSP number. Part of the confusion comes from changes in policy of the use of the numbers. Troopers used to have a series of numbers and inspectors another. Over time, troopers have returned to the Academy to become inspectors. Inspectors have returned to become troopers. Policy at one time said a person crossing classification lines would receive a different WSP number. These changes no longer take place.

The bottom line, there is a lot of confusion about the issuance of WSP Numbers. The best stance is to not try to figure out why but to know a particular officer could be identified and linked to enforcement actions throughout their career.

The attached records, provided by the State Patrol Academy, start with the first State Patrol personnel in 1939. They evolve as additional personnel are added up to and including the start of the first Recruit Class in 1955. Each succeeding Recruit Class was added as the class graduates. This is a living, breathing record that will continue to grow as new personnel are hired. Unfortunately, the record will also change as our founding brothers and sisters pass away. Be proud of being among this group of graduates. Be proud of your career and the public service you provided.

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