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Patrol Cars

Back in 1939, the first officers of the Wisconsin State Patrol purchased their own squad cars and were paid $30 per month, plus gas, oil and grease for their operation. They were given a siren, a flashing red light, and police license plates which they used while on duty – substituting their own plates when using the car for personal reasons.

In 1951 the state began buying and equipping squad cars and assigning them to individual officers.

1951 Ford windowed panel truck
1951 Ford windowed panel truck issued to officers
Sahagian and Van Lone and used for traffic and truck
enforcement. Photo courtesy P. G. Sahagian.

1952 Truck Weighing Detail
A District Number One Truck Weighing Detail as of July 25, 1952.
Photo courtesy Leon Luick. From left to right:
1951 Ford windowed panel truck license WSP-91, Earl Govier
1951 Ford 4-door sedan license WSP-70, Ted Karow
1952 Chevrolet 4-door sedan license WSP-76, Norm Krause
1951 Nash sedan (privately owned) & no license shown, Larry Genge
1951 Ford 4-door sedan license WSP-23, Loren G. Briese

More will be added soon!

First two paragraphs were taken directly from a document entitled
“Enforcement Division Motor Vehicle Dept. 25 Years of Service”

Information and photos courtesy of:
A collaboration of the efforts of many and organized by
Terrance W. Stewart, Supervisor (Retired),
Automotive Services Section (1959 - 1965)
Enforcement Division, Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Department

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