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Door Shields

As a result of 1941 legislation the Patrol became known as the “Wisconsin State Traffic Patrol” and the door shields on the patrol cars reflected this, as did the special license plates used by the patrol. The door shields had a light bluish silver background with dark blue lettering and outline:

Door Shield Prior to 1955

Dark blue on
light silver blue
door shield used
prior to 1955

With the advent of the 1955 “expansion” legislation, the word traffic was dropped and the Patrol was known as simply the Wisconsin State Patrol. The door shields received a more severe change where a red, white, and blue color scheme was adopted with the silhouette of the state being used as a background.

Door shield
used beginning
in 1955

When the patrol car colors changed in 1965 the door shields were again changed, but only to use a red and a blue clear ink on a white reflective 3M “Scotchlite” material providing a completely reflective decal. Prior to the 1965 model year they were not reflectorized.

Information and photos courtesy of:
A collaboration of the efforts of many and organized by
Terrance W. Stewart, Supervisor (Retired),
Automotive Services Section (1959 - 1965)
Enforcement Division, Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Department

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